Bandsaw Tires

36e5104b9dd1054e8562a6962eef02e9Buying and Replacing Bandsaw Tires is Easy

The type of bandsaw machine used will dictate tire type. In most professional woodworking shops, the normal bandsaw usually has wheels in 17″, 19″, 21″, or 24″ size. Woodworkers prefer the 17″ bandsaw because they are the most economical and especially good with re-sawing and curve cutting.

When choosing the right tires for your machine, consider not only machine size but also the tire material.

The Advantages of Using Urethane over Rubber Tires

If you want to avoid the messy glue component and the additional work required to install a rubber tire, your best bet is to purchase an urethane tire. Urethane tires are generally more expensive than rubber tires, but they are worth it and often recommended over rubber by many bandsaw manufacturers because of the durability factor.

Urethane tires won’t become brittle, are easier to install, and hassle-free to replace. Uninstalling a rubber tire will require that you make sure all the glue and residue are safely removed from the wheel so that your new tire stands well.

Choosing urethane over rubber is the recommended and preferred way to go if you want your machine to run at maximum efficiency and achieve better tracking.

Finding the Right Size

After deciding the type of material to use, the next step is to measure the bandsaw wheel. The tire you purchase needs to be 2″ smaller than the size of your wheel, so that it fits perfectly and is fixed in place, without the risk of slipping off the wheel. The most sought after tires are 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, and 20″ made of urethane.

A urethane bandsaw tire offers many years of use. Make it a priority to periodically inspect your bandsaw tires, because worn tires are the primary reason for poor saw performance!

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