Bandsaw Tire Fit

Getting the Correct Bandsaw Tire Fit

Different size bandsaw wheels take different size tires

Bandsaw tires are of great importance in the function of bandsaw machines and in every cutting procedure. They are vital pieces of equipment on a bandsaw that help to prevent the blade from making contact with the wheel and causing damage.

In order to achieve satisfactory quality results while cutting, the key is to choose the right bandsaw tires for your bandsaw wheels. Bad tires mean your machine isn’t cutting at optimum efficiency, and poor quality bandsaw tires mean your machine won’t operate well or as expected.

Rubber or Urethane

Urethane tires are more desirable since they don’t require glue to keep the tire in place. Urethane tires will last longer than rubber, too. The time it takes to clean old adhesive material off a wheel after a rubber tire is removed and then re-installed using more adhesive material should be a big consideration — your time is important.

Urethane tires fit easily onto the wheels after a pre-soak in hot water for a few minutes, which helps to make them more pliable when installing on the wheels.

With rubber tires, you need to make sure that the selected tires are two inches smaller than the wheel in order to achieve a reliable fit. Adhesive is required to keep it place, and you may need a third hand to help install onto the machine. Another consideration is that rubber tires will wear out faster as compared to urethane tires, which will mean an increase in cost-value.

(Note: as of 2012, some manufacturers began making rubber tires to fit. That is, if you need a 10” rubber tire, you can order a 10” rubber tire.)

Remember, regardless of the type of tire preferred, it is important to make sure that the wheels are re-balanced, especially on bigger bandsaws and the high-speed models.

Make it in priority to periodically inspect your bandsaw tires. Worn tires are an important factor in poor saw performance.

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