Urethane Tire Choice

Urethane Tires are The Best Choice

The blades for all bandsaws sit on either rubber or urethane tires. The purpose is to improve bandsaw performance.

Bandsaw tires need periodic change along with the chip brush. A maintenance issue often neglected until it impacts saw performance. Replacement of old, worn tires is necessary to keep the bandsaw running properly.

0c34e84473d2e02ee4261e12e1e73720To achieve optimum results, better performance, and to avoid the use of messy adhesive associated with rubber tires, consider upgrading to urethane tires.

Urethane over rubber tires is becoming the standard; recommended because they help to improve performance and work to maintain longer blade life while also offering a straighter cut. A smoother operation is also assured as blade alignment is easier with urethane tires.

Urethane tires fit easily onto the wheels after a few minutes’ soak in hot water. This becomes convenient compared to rubber tire installation using adhesives. Best of all, it only requires the use of one hand to install.

Urethane tires are in demand now due to the ease of replacement and not requiring glue to install. Urethane tires do not require any adhesive to install, saving time, money, and effort.

Urethane tires last longer. They are durable and won’t wear out or become brittle as quickly as rubber tires. They come with a crown which allows for better blade tracking.

There is a noticeable difference in bandsaw performance after upgrading to urethane tires. The machine will work properly longer with the use of good, durable tires installed. Urethane is a better investment.

Urethane Tire Requirements

Uninstalling a rubber tire requires assurance that all the glue and residue are safely removed so that the new tire sits well on the wheel. Not so with a urethane tire.

After deciding on a urethane tire, the next step is to measure the bandsaw wheel. The tire purchased needs to be 2″ smaller than the wheel size so that it fits perfectly and is set properly in place without the risk of slipping off the wheel.

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